What is Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium is an open-source free tool.
Selenium webdriver

Selenium WebDriver is used to automate browser based applications like website. Selenium only does verification and validation of the web application.

Selenium uses either TestNG or JUnit for framework and to generate test execution report. TestNG is a testing framework designed to meet a wide range of testing requirements.

To develop a framework as per your requirement you need to use selenium with one of the object oriented programming language like Java, JavaScript, Python, CSharp, Ruby, Kotlin.

We can also automate mobile app by using Selenium with Java and Appium.

Selenium is widely used by automation Testers.

Most of the companies are using Selenium WebDriver for automation Testing because Selenium is an open-source free tool that supports many object oriented programming languages.

The installation and configuration of selenium is very simple and it is easy to read, write, execute and modify test case script in Selenium.

WebDriver is the core of Selenium.

Selenium WebDriver is an interface that allow you to interact with the web browser. WebDriver methods helps for the selection of WebElements and also provides control of the web browser effectively.

Selenium WebDriver is a compact object-oriented API that uses the browser automation APIs provided by browser vendors to control the browser to run tests.

Selenium WebDriver mainly supports 5 browers :

1. Chromium/Chrome
2. Firefox
3. Edge
4. Internet Explorer
5. Safari

You can do cross browser testing or you can do testing on different browser versions. Cross browser testing means you can do your web application testing on different browsers like Chromium/Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari.

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