What are limitations of Selenium WebDriver?

Limitations of Selenium WebDriver

limitations of Selenium webdriver

It is highly recommended to know the limitations of Selenium WebDriver before writing the automation script. Suppose you came accross the secarion where you are trying to automate captcha.

You are putting your 100% effort to automate captcha. You are trying to find solution on Google search but finally at the end of the day you came to know that you can not automated captcha by using Selenium.

Now you are very tired and you reliaze how much time you have already wasted. To save your time and energy you should know limitations of Selenium WebDriver.

The main limitations of Selenium WebDriver are listed below:
  1. Selenium does not automate the desktop app
  2. Selenium required object oriented programming language like Java, Python, JavaScript to automate website or web browser
  3. Selenium required Appium to automate mobile app
  4. Selenium does not have inbuilt reporting feature
  5. Selenium required TestNG or JUnit to develop framework
  6. Selenium does not automate captcha
  7. Selenium does not automate barcodes
  8. Selenium does not read image
  9. Selenium required AutoIT for file upload

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